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Corporate accountability on human rights and environmental standards

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bizpando is a webbased platform designed to bring the global supply chain laws into action.

It was created to help companies act responsible and stay competitive.

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Corporate responsibility

Corporate responsibility was already adopted by the international community in 2011 in the UNHRC Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. As one of the human rights is the right to health and access to fresh water, corporate responsibility also includes the responsibility to comply with environmental standards.

Supply Chain Act

In Germany, an intense discussion about a new Supply Chain Act has started, which obligates companies with more than a to be defined number of employees to ensure that basic human rights are met along their supply chain. The European Commissioner for Justice, Didier Reynders, announced that he will introduce legislation on mandatory sustainable due diligence for companies as part of the Commission’s 2021 work plan and the European Green Deal. 

CAHRES - Corporate responsibility

Countries make laws. This also applies to developing countries, many of which are very rich in natural resources. Why should EU companies now take responsibility for ensuring that human rights are respected, and environmental standards are met at the umpteenth point in their supply chains?

An emerging countries


No investments through debt and dependency, but through fair and sustainable cooperation. 

For the governments of emerging countries, it has started to become an important factor for national peace that people are granted the human right to grow up and live healthy and secure including an environment making that possible. Local governments have realized that there is no need to accept  environmental damages in order to export natural resources. Going one step further, it will even be a monetary advantage to increase the activities against environmental damages and human rights abuse. 

Hände, die hölzerne Platte halten

Even if the Supply Chain Act seems to be a competitive disadvantage for European companies, it will become a positive game changer for them. Not only will it generate a level playing field in Europe, but it will also establish additional advantages. 

A corporate perspective


A European 





countries of the European

Union, especially Germany have a massive lack of natural resources. With the Supply Chain Act, these natural resources will become more expensive. So, what is the economic advantage for the EU (as stated before, for obvious reasons ethical aspects

will not be considered)?


Implement Corporate Responsibility




WSCC - Worldwide Supply Chain Compliance, this software system is just one of the components of implementing corporate responsibility for respecting human rights and environmental standards. It fits into a much larger ecosystem. WSCC connects each link in a web of chain links. Integrated into the ecosystem, WSCC makes it possible to implement corporate responsibility -efficiently, effectively, simply.

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